Interview Attire 101

Here are some tips to help you out with the age-old question….

What should I wear to an interview?

The short and simple answer is to be conservative and keep it simple. We suggest you opt for solid colors and of course, modesty goes along way ladies.


All Interview attire should be clean, well – fitting and neatly pressed.


For women:

Solid color, conservative pants/skirt suit with a blouse

Shoes: Closed toe is best with a small heel


For men:

Dark business suit

Conservative tie

Dress shirt – button down

Dress shoes and dark dress socks


What not to wear:

T-shirts, jeans, sneakers,flip-flops, tank tops, revealing shirts, short skirts


Additional questions/answers to help you make the best impression:

Can I wear makeup?

Yes, you can certainly wear makeup. However, it’s best to go with very light, natural looking make up.



Again, yes but keep in mind that if overdone, jewelry can cause a distraction in your interview. Minimal is key.



We suggest that you be very cautious when applying a scent as many people have allergic reactions to different colognes and perfumes. You do not want to cause your interviewer to have a coughing or sneezing fit.

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